We are a non for profit organization committed to the dissemination of the concept of sustainable development. We provide consulting services in social and environmental issues with an integrated approach in search of the success of all processes. 


Our experience has shown us that the most effective solutions are those that articulate private, public and community actors. Cases handled in all regions of Colombia demonstrate it.

During the feasibility or pre-construction of the projects stage

estudios de la zona


  • Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Measures and Environmental Management Plans for licensing and permits.
  • Design and process for land use plans modifications.


  • Development of projects with the recognition and contest of communities.
  • Prior consultation to ethnic groups and minorities, analysis of the social and institutional environment of the projects.
  • Relationship management between communities and public institutions (national and local).
  • Implementation of social participation processes.

During the construction and set up stage


  • Environmental risk assessment.
  • Environmental management.
  • Environmental management plans and ICA management


  • Coalitions construction with interest groups.
  • Perceptions management of for the adequate comprehension of each one of the actors, their interests and roles.
evaluacion riesgo ambiental

During projects operation



  • Environmental management.
  • Environmental audits and environmental risk assessments.
  • Relationship Management : Industry - Community - Public institutions.
  • Environmental Education.


  • Implementation of social participation processes.
  • Perceptions Managment for proper understanding of each one of the actors, their interests and roles.
  • Start up of social participation processes

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